Research projects

Current research projects investigated in the NeuroTechnology lab

Dutch Brain Interfaces Initiative DBI2
Funded by the Gravitation Programme with 21.9 M€, the Dutch Brain Interfaces Initiative (DBI2) project thrives to bring forward the closed-loop interaction with the brain. The project investigates brain-brain interaction, brain-environment interaction, social brain interactions and networks of brains. The research is carried out by a consortium comprising five Dutch research universities, two medical centers, and one institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The research topics comprise neuroscientific challenges, hardware- and computational challenges. Our lab contributes mainly to the latter ones.
BCI-supported language rehabilitation
Chronic stroke patients with language deficits can profit from an individualized BCI-supported language training protocol.
A BCI using the code-modulated visual evoked potential (c-VEP).
Dareplane investigates a platform for closed-loop adaptive deep brain stimulation.