Dutch Brain Interfaces Initiative DBI2

Dutch large scale consortium for closed-loop interaction with the brain.


Funded by the Gravitation Programme with 21.9 M€, the Dutch Brain Interfaces Initiative (DBI2) project thrives to bring forward the closed-loop interaction with the brain. The project investigates brain-brain interaction, brain-environment interaction, social brain interactions and networks of brains. The research is carried out by a consortium comprising five Dutch research universities, two medical centers, and one institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The research topics comprise neuroscientific challenges, hardware- and computational challenges. Our lab contributes mainly to the latter ones by tackling the research question:

How can a brain state be sensed, exploited and stimulated which is suitable for a successful execution of a repetitive motor-, cognitive-, or BCI task?






This project is a collaborative endeavour with multiple partners across the Netherlands. Within the Radboud University, we tightly collaborate with Francesco Battaglia and Marcel van Gerven.

Michael Tangermann
Michael Tangermann
Head of the Lab, Associate Professor, PI